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Sep 23, 2023

To : Alex's Variety Hour

Hello.....Good Morning.... Greetings from INDONESIA....

Hope you are okay…..

Do you miss your loved ones ?

I am REGI WEKING , a Pop Rock Singer/Songwriter /Ex-Vocalist of A Heavy Metal Band from Indonesia called “GARUDA FORCE” and would like to introduce my music (my latest single) which is inspired by THE BEATLES called "HELLO MY DARLING"

Hope you like and enjoy it especially for those who miss their loved ones & this music can bring happiness/joy to all listeners (audience)


Available on digital platforms : artist/regi-weking/1081328478 (iTunes Apple Music)… ( YouTube)…     (Spotify)…  ( Soundcloud) ( Bandcamp)


Based on info from "RIVER RADIO" (now "LOMOND Radio") in Scotland-UK , this song is popular among their listeners , please check their write up on the following link :


Single Release :


Song : Hello, My Darling


Songwriter : REGI WEKING

Genre : Rock / Alternative Rock / Dance Rock

Media Coverage / Awards , to name a few :

(1) Jose Angel & EN TIJUANA HAY ROCK ( A Music Portal from MEXICO) :…

(2) Award from FFR Radio in Germany (by DJ Christiane Thomann Rosenberg )… (3) Divine Magazine :…


Stay Safe, Stay Healthy….

Thank you

Best Regards,

Regi Weking

Mobile Phone/WhatsApp = + 628129741561

Facebook= https://www.

Facebook= https://www. (FB Page)

Twitter= https://www.twitter. com/regiweking

Soundcloud= https://www.

Reverbnation= https://www.



Instagram = regiweking

Skype = regiweking

E-mail =

Website = REGI WEKING on


Oct 26, 2023
Replying to

Very cool, thanks for visiting - Alex!

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